Tuesday, December 21, 2004

So this powerpoint lark hasn't been working out too well, with my complete inability to have my powerpoint files work on my webpage. So ... over Christmas I will see what I can do to translate rather than convert the powerpoint files into simple html webpages. So, that will mean the SEM paper, "It seems to be getting worseā€¯: Intellectual Property, Discursive Feedback, and the Commodification of Ethnomusicology," which I presented at the Society for Ethnomusicology annual conference in Tucson, Arizona, on November 6, 2004, and also the presentation, "Towards a Theory of Expansionary Enclosure: The Elimination of Uncertainty and the Architectures of Commodification," which I presented at the Bakhtin Centre of the University of Sheffield on November 23, 2004.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Back in business again

I changed my web hosting, and the weblog got shunted for a while. But it's back online again as I am now linking it through to blogspot. Should be able to get back on board with the news and info service now. I'm not sure what the status of things will be at the end of January as my computer access goes back to library-level access, which doesn't allow for FTP, but I'll keep ye updated one way or the other.