Thursday, November 17, 2005

Art, creativity, intellectual property and the commons: Can free/libre culture transform art?
Dave Berry
Free Software Magazine

"The act of artistic production doesn’t come from nowhere; neither is it born in the heads of private individuals. It doesn’t dwell in a social nothingness. Nor does it start with a blank canvas."

Inter Press Service at
Hilmi Toros

TUNIS - The WSIS kicked off Wednesday with a compromise declaration approved unanimously after several months of fruitless negotiations. Discontent has arisen because the Internet status quo has been maintained, with the United States in effect controlling the Internet.

WIPO Copyright Committee To Meet AfterYear-Long Hiatus
November 16, 2005

The last time the UN World Intellectual Property Organisation(WIPO) copyright committee met it ended in acrimony, with still-bitter memories for some member governments who argued their objections to the outcome were wrongly ignored.

But after a year and numerous regional consultations, many participants are looking ahead to an agenda laden with important policy items to be addressed at the next meeting.

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