Thursday, February 12, 2004

Pari Center for New Learning Newsletter, February 2004

This newsletter contains
a) Information about audio and video now available on
the Pari Center Website
b) Courses and Conferences
c) Dialogues in Religion and Science


The Pari Center website now contains a series of audio clips taken from historic interviews with leading scientists including Heisenberg, Dirac, Rosenfeld, Uhlenbeck, Prigogine, Bohm, Wheeler, Salam and Penrose. Additional interviews will be added over the coming months. An index of these audio clips can be accessed from the homepage at


Video had been added to the website. These include clips from an interview with David Peat plus a visit to the village of Pari and its Sagra (September festival). In addition, a number of interviews are available in Italian. Additional material will be added over the coming months. An index of these video clips can also be accessed from the homepage.


New Science/New Paradigms runs from 4-11 May. The course will be presented by David Peat. Information on this course can be found at

Synchronicity: The Bridge between Matter and Mind runs from 17-24 June. In addition to David Peat, presenters will include Veronica Goodchild
(author of Chaos and Eros), Arnold Smith and Shantena Sabbadini (who has produced a new translation of the I Ching). Information on the course
can be found at

A new course, New Paradigms for Business and Leadership, is to be offered this year. Presenters include staff of "reinvention", an Australian business consultant company, Arthur Cordell (advisor to the Canadian Government on the future of work and the social implications of new technologies), Arnold Smith (complex adaptive systems) and David Peat. Information can be obtained at

Art, Science and the Sacred.

This new course which integrates many of the threads that have been explored at the Pari Center. In addition to David Peat as presenter we are discussing with
other presenters who would speak on such topics as the sacred in theatre, music and art. Information, which will be updated over the next months can be found at

An additional new course (on the I Ching in Italian) will be given in June by Shantena Sabbadini. Information on this course will be posted on the website during the next month. While the course this year will be in Italian Dr. Sabbadini will be giving a course in English, on Dreaming and the I Ching, during 2005. Information will be given in subsequent newsletters.


The Roundtable conference "The Next Horizon: Re-examining Deep Values in Religion & Science" will take place September 10-14, 2004. A description of the meeting and participants can be found at Note: In order to create a focused atmosphere numbers attending the meeting are strictly limited. Anyone who would like to attend should write to

Dialogues in Religion and Science

Thanks to a grant and a special award from the Metanexus Institute the Pari Center continues its dialogues in religion and science. These are
generally held monthly and consist of a public talk (in Italian) on a Saturday afternoon often followed by a round table discussion (in Italian or English) on the following day. Talks this year will be on Hinduism, Buddhism and the science of the mind, Islam and knowledge, "God, Logic and Language", the nature of belief and knowledge of the divine. Additional talks are now being arranged.