Thursday, February 19, 2004

Conference Announcement: Institutional Analysis, Common Property Studies

"Building Social Capital and Self-Governing Capabilities in Diverse Societies"

Conference and Reunion
June 2-6, 2004

Hosted by: Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis
Indiana University, Bloomington
Email: / Website:

At five-year intervals, the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis holds a conference and reunion of faculty, students, and visiting scholars who share an interest in the study of institutions broadly construed. Over the last 30 years, scholars associated with the Workshop have applied institutional analysis to a wide range of policy areas. This conference is organized around working groups focused on the following topics:

? Challenges of Governance in Africa
? China in Transition
? The Evolution of East Asian Irrigation Institutions
? Historical Institutional Analysis on Robustness
of Social-Ecological Systems
? IFRI Writing Workshop
? Tocquevillian Analytics
? Urban Politics and Policy
? Voluntary Regimes of Self-Regulation
? Watershed Management Institutions

Meetings will be held on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University in the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) and at the Workshop. The conference will include paper presentations, roundtables, and other research-related activities, as well as more informal gatherings for dinner and recreation.

To register for WOW3, please visit In order to help support this conference, the following schedule of fees have been assigned:

Conference Fees:
Before March 30: Faculty/Professional ? $30.00, Student ? $15.00
After March 30: Faculty/Professional ? $60.00, Student ? $30.00

Event Fees: Welcome Dinner, Wednesday, June 2 ? $25.00
Banquet, Saturday, June 5 ? $25.00 Brunch, Sunday, June 6 ? free
Boat Excursion, June 6 ? free

For more information, go to the website listed above.