Saturday, February 14, 2004

Book Announcement

(press release)

DISRUPTING PRECONCEPTIONS: Postcolonialism and Education
Edited by Anne Hickling-Hudson, Julie Matthews and Annette Woods
(ISBN 1 876682 56 6)

Disrupting Preconceptions: Postcolonialism and Education is a highly recommended text within the fields of education, sociology, postcolonial
studies and cultural studies. The text presents an innovative collection of papers dealing with education and challenges to the pervasive impact of colonial legacies within a range of contexts.

Education, postcolonialism and disruptions, Anne Hickling-Hudson, Julie Matthews & Annette Woods;
Indigenous knowledge and the cultural interface: Underlying issues at the intersection of knowledge and information systems, Martin Nakata;
The challenge to deculturalisation: Discourses of ethnicity in the schooling of indigenous children in Australia and the USA, Anne Hickling-Hudson & Roberta Ahlquist;
The role of multicultural literature as a counter-force to the literary canon, Thomas W. Bean;
Transforming the study of visual culture: Postcolonial theory and the ethically reflexive student, Christopher Crouch, Dean Chan & Nicola Kaye;
Tensions in the decolonisation process: Disrupting preconceptions of postcolonial education in the Lao People's democratic republic, Christine Fox;
Globalisation and education in Sub-Saharan Africa: A postcolonial analysis, Leon Tikly;
Reforming education structures in the postcolonial world: The case of South Africa, Pam Christie;
The benev(i)olence of imperial education, Helen Tiffin;
The Singapore education system: Postcolonial encounter of the Singaporean kind, Aaron Koh;
Perverse hybridisations, queering postcolonial pedagogies, Vicki Crowley;
Racism, racialisation and settler colonialism, Julie Matthews & Lucinda Aberdeen;
Offshore Australian higher education: A case study of pedagogic work in Indonesia, Parlo Singh;
The political context of English language teaching in East Timor, Roslyn Appleby;
On postcolonial education and beyond: An afterword, Allan Luke

Recommendations from leading scholars:
"Finally a collection that brings the needed scope, focus and diversity to postcolonial studies in education. The welcomed volume offers a rare globally distributed set of perspectives that establish the currency of postcolonial perspectives as both critically productive and forward-looking ways of knowing." John Willinsky

"This is a fine collection of papers, from leading educational scholars. They argue that the contemporary corporatised policies of education such as international education limit the possibilities of transformative practice. This book is highly recommended." Fazal Rizvi

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