Friday, October 01, 2004

Call for papers: Political Activism, History

University of Sussex Journal of Contemporary History

Activism and Social Movements

University of Sussex Journal of Contemporary History is an innovative, refereed on-line journal that seeks to provide a medium for publication in the postgraduate community and to disseminate creative, critical, and inter-disciplinary historical research. By doing so we hope to provide a forum for the regular exchange of ideas amongst the international postgraduate community and those who have recently been awarded doctorates on topics of historical interest.

We are currently inviting articles for submission for Issue 8, Winter 2005, which will be on the theme ‘Activism and Social Movements’.

The relationship between the public and the private has recently risen to the centre of historical debates. With this comes a re-working of the relationship between social, cultural and political theory and redefinitions of Activism. With increasing governmental and educational emphasis on the concept of Citizenship, and at a time when social movements of the past are increasingly being held responsible for social ills of today, now is an apt time to trace how ‘Activism’ has changed over time.

The aim of this issue is to encourage post-graduate and post-doctoral contemporary historians to engage in this debate on political culture. We hope to publish work that reflects a dialogue between political and social or cultural history through a variety of areas in space and time. Suggested subjects are trade unionism, race, gender, sexuality, globalisation, anti-war movements, politics of the academia etc. We encourage submissions on any area connected to the main topic.

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