Wednesday, September 29, 2004

New Publication: Securing Land and Resource Rights in Africa: Pan-African Perspectives

Securing Land and Resource Rights in Africa: Pan-African Perspectives has just come out in print. It is published by the Pan-African Program on Land and Resource Rights (PAPLRR).

The collaborative partners of PAPLRR are: the Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS -, School of Government at the University of the Western Cape; African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS -; Social Research Centre (SRC - at the American University in Cairo, and Community Conservation and Development Initiative (CCDI Nigeria -

The publication is a consolidated and shared effort that identifies and discusses some of the challenges faced by Africa's rural poor people in securing their livelihood. The report forms part of the PAPLRR network's efforts to disseminate an African voice on land and resource rights matters. The majority of Africa's people are rural-bound, poor and dependent on land and other natural resources for survival and yet their access and resource rights are severely constrained by numerous factors militating against them. Inappropriate laws and policies, marginalisation, unfavourable structural socio-economic relations, weak grassroots institutions, globalisation and actions of powerful local elites - often in association with external elites, multinationals and so-called 'market forces' are some of the challenges the rural poor have to contend with in their struggle.The PAPLRR network brings together a core group of African researchers, activists and practictioners to develop a common understanding and strategies for securing land and resource rights for the rural poor.

They hope that the publication will be of interest and use to you and will share insights and enhance your understanding of the complex issues around land and resource rights in Africa, at least from a pan-African perspective. They will happily entertain any comments and enquiries you may have in respect of the report.

For further details about the PAPLRR network please visit the website at

The members of the PAPLRR hope you will engage in this important debate and let them know what you are doing in your efforts to secure land and resource rights for the poor. In the mean time the report can be purchased from PLAAS for R120.00 (US$18.00) and will be available with the other PAPLRR partners in a few weeks' time. For those interested in securing a copy please contact PLAAS at with your full postal and requisite details.