Thursday, February 26, 2004

Call for Papers: Development Studies, Cultural Policy, Cultural Studies, Critical Pedagogy, Anthropology

"The Life and Death of Development"
Deadline for Submission: 10th May 2004

The recent World Social Forum in Mumbai, and other events like it, can be said to reflect a generalised crisis in neo-liberal corporate capitalism. The World Social Forum is creating a space, however ambivalent, in which to ask, and indeed answer, the increasingly crucial question: is another world possible? Situation Analysis proposes to refine this question, by posing two further, interrelated questions: what is the future of development as the discourse which aims to guide the world towards a certain vision of the future; and what role can education play within development and in imagining an alternative world? We therefore invite submissions which explore, separately or in combination, the following threads:

Development Thread

* Sustainable Development
* Post-Development
* Underdevelopment
* Personal testimonies of experiences of Development Projects
* Theories of Development
* Women and Development
* Development and Poverty
* Development and the Environment
* The Millennium Development Goals
* The future of Development Theories

Education Thread

* Education and Development
* Critiquing Human Capital Theory
* Transnational Literacy
* Citizenship Education
* Pedagogies of the North and the South
* Education and Resistance
* Critical Pedagogy
* Development Policy and National Curricula
* Learning to Unlearn

We invite academic, journalistic, and personal responses to these and related issues by no later than May 10th, 2004. Submissions should not normally exceed 5,000 words, be in English (unless otherwise arranged), and can initially be sent as email attachments to

For more detailed information regarding submission, and the ethos and aims of the journal, please see the Situation Analysis website at: